Tibetan food Tipoo in a small Himalayan village : Dhorte

On mid of December 2017 I was traveling in Northern part of West Bengal with my family, in Himalayan region. It's Lepchajagat, near Darjeeling. After spending a day in Lepchajagat and enjoying the local food like Thukpa and momos we had decided to travel little remote places to get the beautiful views of Kanchenjunga and the Himalayan nature.

One bright morning we had started from Lepchajagat to a beautiful Himalayan village name Dhorte. It's 65 km away from Lepchajagat and 75 km away from Ghoom. Weather changes rapidly in this area of Himalaya and Unfortunately fog and cloud started covering our views. After visiting some beautiful places like Jorpokhri and Mane Vanjan we arrived at Dhorte around 11 am. 

Dhorte village

Thin fog had covered all over the Dhorte village and view of Kanchenjunga. We have trekked 1 km to the view point and backed to the village. We were filling hungry and found a small village shop were local foods are available. Shops has one small table and a bench. Shop owner leady welcomed us and told that only chicken & veg Tipoo is available. We hadn’t tried Tipoo before and it was a surprise to us. After few minutes she served hot chicken Tipoo with super-hot red chutney. Look wise its very big momo but started eating I found that the outer layer is like floppy bread and very soft. Hot and soft chicken Tipoo on a cold foggy day made our Dhorte visit memorable.

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